Urgent Care

We are open seven days a week at convenient hours to provide care when your doctor’s office is closed and you need treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. Care is provided on a walk-in basis, so no appointment is necessary.


We offer a broad scope of services, with an emphasis on injuries and illness:  


Urgent Care evaluation   • Sore throats, coughs, and colds

   • Rashes and burns

   • Asthma attacks

   • Allergic reactions

   • Back pain and muscle aches

   • Stomach bug, vomiting, or diarrhea

   • Medical evaluations/screenings

   • Cuts, scrapes, and minor wounds

   • Minor eye injuries, infections, or irritation

   • Urinary tract infections

   • Routine gynecological problems

    Pediatric care


Other services available in Urgent Care include:

  • Post accident urine drug screening
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Sports physicals
  • Pre-surgery EKG’s

Treatment is generally quicker and less costly than traditional emergency room care. Laboratory and medical imaging (X-ray) services are available on-site. Our facility is handicapped-accessible and has plenty of parking.


Hours of Operation 

Hours of operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fast Track Open Sunday and Monday from 11a-11p. Depending on the severity of your illness, we may place you in this area so that you move through the urgent care quickly and are discharged. Generally speaking, this area is designated for patients needing very few resources outside of examination by an Advanced Practice Provider.

Flu Clinic is available, without an appointment, during the availability of the Flu Vaccination (usually late September to mid-April). Flu Clinic denotes only the administration of the Flu Vaccination to a patient. It does not warrant examination by an APP or MD. Cost of the vaccination is a flat fee paid at the time of immunization administration. This may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement, dependent on insurance coverage.


Who We Are 

24x7 AMC Physician staffed, with AMC and Saratoga Advance Practice Providers or ‘APP’ (Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant) support staff


What to Bring With You

Pre-visit forms and/or listing of our HIPPA/HIXNY forms/Medical Records Release Forms

Photo ID and Insurance Card.

Urgent/ Emergent Care FAQs
Urgent Care Vs. Emergency Dept.
  • Urgent care centers are open later than a traditional physician’s office, and usually can see patients during the weekends and on holidays.
  • ERs often have lengthy wait times, especially if you show up with a problem that isn’t extremely serious. You can probably get in and out of an urgent care center much more quickly.
  • An urgent care center visit is more cost-effective than the ER. What you pay depends on your benefit plan, but for the most part, the cost of an urgent care visit will be much more affordable. Consult your specific plan information or contact member services if you have questions about your out-of-pocket costs.
  • There are many urgent care centers to choose from, with convenient transportation and parking.

Examples of problems that an urgent care center can treat include:

  • cough or nasal congestion (or other symptoms of the common cold)
  • ear infection
  • rash
  • strep throat
  • pink eye
  • sinus infection
  • pneumonia
  • urinary tract infection
  • yeast infection
  • painful urination
  • nausea/vomiting
  • lacerations
  • minor burns
  • diarrhea
  • sprains/broken bones

Urgent care centers can treat pediatric and geriatric patients, although frail elderly people or very young infants should go to an ER with any serious medical issues.

I didn’t receive a note for returning to work. What should I do?

Urgent Care will provide a note to document you needing to stay out of work for the injury or illness with which you presented. This is given to you as part of your discharge packet upon exit from Emergent Care.

I need to return to work and my employer is asking for a note to clear me. What should I do?

MMEC will refer you to be seen by your primary care provider or a specialist, if necessary upon completion of your initial visit. This referral is located at the bottom of page 1 of your discharge paperwork. Either of these providers will provide clearance for you to return to work. MMEC can provide clearance, however you will need to be seen again in urgent care to ensure your symptoms have resolved.

I was prescribed a medication, but it is too expensive for me to pick up. What should I do?

Please have your pharmacy call 518-289-2020 to discuss other options with the providers currently working at MMEC

I was seen after an injury that occurred at my workplace and now need follow up care. Where can I go?
My son/daughter was seen in Urgent Care and needs to receive medication while at school or during daycare hours. What form do I need completed?

Please fill out this form and completely as possible and send to the attention of our Clinical Coordinator at MMEC Urgent Care. You may fax this request to 518-289-2702 or email to coordinatormmec@saratogacare.org

Consent Form

I don’t have insurance. Can I still be seen?

Yes, you can absolutely be seen. We have a prompt pay discount for those able to pay for services on the day of care as well as participating with Saratoga Hospital in their Financial Assistance Plan.

Testing was done at urgent care but I have not received a call regarding results. What should I do?

Patients are NOT called with results unless there is a critical value or the results require a change in the patient’s discharge plan. MMEC will contact you if the results need further explanation or action.

I forgot the directions for my new medication. What do I do?

New medications and dosing instructions are listed on your discharge paperwork. There is also the phone number to the pharmacy where it was prescribed. The pharmacy can be reached to clarify any questions you have about the medication, dosing, and interactions.

How can I obtain a copy of my Medical Records?

Records can be obtained by signing a request to release information and picking up in person at 6 Medical Park Drive. You may also request via medicalrecordsmmec@saratogacare.org


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Open 24x7 - No Appointment Required
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